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Mike Burg Can Help You Settle Your Pharmaceutical Lawsuit

Have you been given medication or taken a supplement that caused various problems with your health? Have you suffered from injuries because of someone’s negligence? Health problems with medications and supplements is very common. In order to gain someone’s attention, a company will ask if someone is tired or lost their libido. Everyone wants to feel youthful as they age, but it’s easy to become caught in the trap of supplement and drug companies. As a man ages, their testosterone levels will become lower than they were before 30. This is the natural progression of aging. Testosterone supplements will only help a limited number of males with their stamina, energy and libido. Over-the-counter supplements and prescription testosterone could cause damage to someone’s health.

When a man’s low testosterone or Low T is treated, they may begin to feel better in a short amount of time. Their muscle mass, sex drive, and energy levels may increase. Although the drug companies market testosterone as fix for men, it has serious side effects. This type of therapy can lead to a very high risk of a heart attack, stroke or blood clots. The drug companies will specifically target men with commercials during sporting events or television shows that attract a lot of men viewers. Taking testosterone supplements without a proper examination of your heart could lead to a heart attack.

Many individuals over the age of 45 begin to lose their sexual drive and energy levels. The limited benefits of taking testosterone is not always worth the risks. Men have been required to have emergency artery cleaning after taking a prescription or supplement of testosterone. The use of testosterone increases the size of blood cells. Blood flow to the brain can also be halted causing a mini-stroke. Individuals that have a mini-stroke are more likely to have a major stroke within a year.

Mike Burg has been representing clients that have suffered devastating health issues from the use of testosterone. Improper administration of testosterone to individuals with underlying heart disease could be fatal or incredibly debilitating. If you’ve suffered as a result of using testosterone supplements or being prescribed testosterone, feel free to contact him about representing you in a legal case.